Crownless Princesses


Come on, downlines, RECRUIT! Be inspired by these numbers! Thank the Lord!

Build a team so her commission checks get even bigger. Cos that's how she gets paid. From you and your downline spending money on orders.

(As far as we're aware, you were never supposed to share commission income publicly. Distributors just kept getting in trouble for doing it. Message seems to have got through, finally.)

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Yes folks. Joni Rogers-Kante, the founder of SeneGence, was divinely inspired. G = God in this conversation. And this explains why the SeneGence ranks are all royalty. God told her to. Apparently 🤷🏼‍♀️. (BTW, that's not word play.)

So yes, SeneGence has a big Christian basis, which is probably more visible in the USA than other countries. Each to their own, and all that. But be aware of the background.

From the tippy top of the triangular structure to bottom, the ranks go:

👑 Empress 👑 Amethyst Queen 👑 Emerald Queen 👑 Sapphire Queen 👑 Ruby Queen 👑 Queen 👑 Emerald Crown Princess 👑 Sapphire Crown Princess 👑 Ruby Crown Princess 👑 Crown Princess 👑 Princess 👑 Princess in Waiting 👑 Duchess 👑 Duchess in Waiting 👑 Countess 👑 Countess in Waiting 👑 Lady 👑 Lady in Waiting 👑 Royal 👑 Royal in Waiting 👑 Maiden 👑 Qualified Distributor

You can see more about what each rank entails here.

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Teacher Christmas gifts at daycare done 🎉 Bet these will be the best gifts they have ever gotten. Not to mention so well deserved for looking after my cheeky monkey 🤣🙈 Have you got your gifts ready for everyone to help promote what you do? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Her comment below the photo: We put a candy cane, pink champagne LipSense and protective gloss, business card, a thank you/Merry Christmas note. The WOW factor is sure to get them in the door and then we will help them explore the rest of the range. Xx

SO. This is what it's all about, folks. Giving gifts to promote what YOU do. Not to purely show appreciation to some hardworking people (who have real jobs). Using influence techniques to gain new victims customers.

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“Wowing” is what SeneGence calls the process of going out with stripes of LipSense (or their eyeshadow, ShadowSense) painted on your hand, and using this to approach anyone and everyone about how great your lipstick is, and how it doesn't smudge, and trying to get their contact details off them so you can book a demo or party. Just handing them your business card isn't enough ... no, you need to get their info, to really do your job properly.

Here are some pro tips for you:

Translation: What is WOWING? It's meeting new victims, accosting strangers and making them feel uncomfortable, and trying to get people's contact details so you can pester them endlessly.

Translation: If you're not always wearing stripes of makeup on your hands, you're not really trying, are you? And if you're not doing it everywhere, you're also not really trying. Always look cute! Become obsessed with your appearance! If you fail, well ... guess whose fault that is?

Translation: Here's your scripts of what to say to manipulate others. A Beauty Book is a 'free gift'? Fuck off. It's a catalogue, that costs a few dollars. The 'free prize' drawing is purely a way to get people's contact details, for future harassment.

Translation: Give out 10 Beauty Books a day, otherwise you're not really trying. Push for a sale on the spot. Carry inventory with you AT ALL TIMES. And honestly, no, EVERY WOMAN who tries it doesn't want to buy it. They mostly just want you to GO AWAY.

Please just fuck off. PLEASE.

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It's more like 37 things. Original grammar & spelling retained 🙄


From a SeneGence Queen to her minions

1) Order your inventory. All orders in your first 30 days can be purchased at 50% if it is 300PV+ [over $600 USD worth]

  • Let's face it — no one wants to buy cosmetics from an “empty store”... If you have it – you will sell it.
  • You will up sell items because you have them in stock.
  • People don't want to wait for their cosmetics
  • Avoid restricting your sales ... always have inventory on hand.
  • Your customers will pay for your inventory orders if you are booking each week.
  • Ask your upline field leader for suggestions of what to order per season.
  • Try to order a minimum of 300 wholesale (300PV)... you will NOT make money or save money ordering below this level. (Shipping is too high & Discount is too low!)

2) Get customers .... Swipe the back of your hand with the same lip colors you put on yourself every morning.

  • Make this a habit.
  • It will start conversations with others... they will want to know what is on the back of your hand. DO NOT WAIT until your inventory or supplies arrive .... use whatever lip color you have to start “wowing” others right now.
  • Set up bookings NOW for when your kit & inventory arrives next week.
  • Hit the road running... (and remember, it's never too late to get started...)

3) Know your Schedule.

  • Buy a diary just for SeneGence.
  • Mark out the times you cannot do SeneGence due to outside work, family, etc.
  • CIRCLE all of the time slots you can do SeneGence. Try to FILL each CIRCLE with a BOOKING.
  • Use your CIRCLE TIMES to find new customers, host demos, do follow-up calls with clients, or to interview clients to become distributors.
  • CIRCLES that are FILLED with these types of activities = $$$$$.

4) Training is Key to Success.

  • Soak up as much information as you can each week.... start by listening to the CD's and DVD's in your kit. Watch the video.
  • Attend trainings, local trainings & conference call trainings each week.
  • Write each training event on your calendar.
  • Book yourself for training first.
  • Learn Something New Each Week.

5) Shadow another Distributor — Learn by watching an experience distributor.

  • Take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.
  • Contact your upline to schedule a shadowing experience.
  • Learn how to Earn.

6) Carry your Testers & some Product on-hand at all times!

  • You never know when you might sell something...or sponsoring someone!
  • Be prepared to swipe others with color & to book an appt. on the spot.
  • Use the 3-foot rule... if there is a woman within 3 feet of you – you should talk to her... Start the conversation by saying... “Have you heard of SenseCosmetics?” or “Is that Lipsense you are wearing?” or “Have you seen this lip color before?” or “I'm launching a new line of all-day cosmetics in the area, have you heard of SeneGence?” THEN... proceed to asking her if you can show her a SAMPLE of the lip color on the back of her hand. SWIPE. Ask her if she can rub it off. Ask her if she would like to try it... BOOK the appt.

7) Give EVERYONE 2 Choices!

  • Swipe them with color – then say “We are looking for Customers and Distributors” ... “Would you like to have a look at the full product range” .... Let them decide if they want to purchase or sell themselves.

8) Spend MOST of your time NOW Booking Demos, Booking Individual Appointments, etc.

Book, Book, Book...Everything * Everything comes from BOOKINGS. * Everything counts as a booking too... 1 on 1 appointments, group demos, tradeshows, trunk shows, referrals... etc.

9) Offer the entire line of products to everyone; you will increase your sales and your re-orders.

  • Sell LipSense first and then offer then the other products.
  • Follow up your new customers and ask them if they would like anything else (perhaps a mascara or eye liner) Book a demo.
  • Each Hostess can have 2 demos for you. A lippy party and an Eye party.

10) Do Customer Care Calls within 48 hours of purchase.

  • Check back with them, this is how you retain your customers.
  • Give them another call every 2-3 months after each purchase for re-orders.
  • People get busy & will appreciate your help and you will love the increase in your re-orders by making the phone calls yourself.
  • Good follow-up insures Great re-orders!

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We are outraged. This is an American SeneGence Queen (ie a very senior distributor, way high up the pyramid), complaining to her downline that she doesn't want to see them buying anything except food, toilet paper, and SeneGence products. Kidding not kidding, huh? A 😂 isn't softening any blow. She ain't kidding. She's pissed as hell.

We've been hearing grumbles from the senior uplines over the past 8 months that their commissions are dropping massively — fewer distributors are active and ordering, those who do order are ordering less often, and fewer products — so the uplines aren't earning anywhere near as much as they were last year. Panic is setting into the ranks. Aaaw diddums.

Does she really think that behaving like this towards her downline is actually going to motivate any of them to place an order? Even the ones who have drunk the Kool Aid are going to be offended by this little tantrum.

SeneGence — you are so doomed. Distributors are quitting, orders are dropping, the market is saturated, the quality of your stuff is falling, and no-one cares any more. All your increasingly-frequent, increasingly-desperate sales, special offers, and new products aren't going to save you.

(Nor are abundance exercises or positive mindset challenges. Just sayin'.)

Cross-posted on The Anti-MLM Coalition.

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Much fun to be seen over here ... major divisions appearing within the devoted distributors.

Don't forget that Joni's husband donated $250,000 to Trump's inauguration fund. That had fallout too — some distributors quit in disgust as a result of that particular discovery. We realise it doesn't bother all, but it certainly does bother many.

Presumably a joke, but still a horrifying prospect ...

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Oh the embarrassment ...

Things we've done as SeneGence distributors, that we are now ashamed of.

• “I helped hand out snacks at my husband's work Christmas party, with the sole goal of being able to talk to the younger women there about LipSense. And it clearly made them uncomfortable. But yet I persisted 😬. And felt so guilty afterwards.”

• “The most embarrassing thing was when I got caught up in buying things to grab people’s attention to ask about LipSense. Buying lipstick- or lip-themed everything and wearing stripes on my hand.”

• “I did a party at a friend's house, and forced myself to say give the 'SeneGence Choice' spiel (just buy stuff, sign up as a customer, or sign up as a distributor), and it felt so awkward.”

• ”Running a give-away at a party, to be drawn at the end of the month — solely to get people's contact details. I did give away a prize to one of them, and she was not chosen at random, but as someone who I thought was most likely to keep ordering from me, or to hold a party. She didn't.”

• Gone 'wowing' at the shopping mall, approached sales assistants and random women in the lifts and bathrooms, and showed off how the LipSense stripes on our hands don't smudge off. And tried to get their contact details.

• Sat through training sessions where the whole focus is on recruiting, and nodded at the trainer, and wrote down notes, promising to try harder.

• Ordered hundreds of dollars of LipSense and other products without really thinking about it, bowed to the pressure to have the newest stuff, and more stuff. Impulse buying. And not telling our partners. Hiding the costs.

Email us if you want to share a few embarrassing moments here, anonymously:

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Top photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash

The hype is over.

SeneGence has been mucking around with LipSense over the last year, and — guys — it’s worse. There’s no colour consistency, it’s patchy (hard to apply evenly and smoothly), flaking off, and not lasting as long as it used to. They have cut a lot of their popular colours, especially reds, changed their manufacturing factory, and are trying to ‘improve’ or change their formula (possibly in reaction to the LipSense patent running out in April 2018).

I also could not find SeneGence or LipSense listed on any of the official ‘cruelty-free’ certification sites, so I have doubts about their ‘no animal testing’ claims. I want to see actual official certification before I believe them at all.

Over recent months I have been on the hunt for decent non-MLM LipSense alternatives (so I have excluded offerings from Avon, Younique, The Body Shop etc). Practically every makeup brand out there now touts a long-lasting liquid lipstick.

I know that SeneGence likes to talk about how LipSense has a bigger tube (7.4 ml) and more product than all the others — which makes it more economical by volume. However — don’t forget that you have to apply THREE layers of LipSense each time, and the lipsticks listed below typically don't need more than one.

I am in Australia, so most of the brands I’ve been able to access were purchased here, and most are available from Priceline or department stores, not high-end cosmetics places. I did place orders for ColourPop and Dose of Colours (yet to arrive) from the States, but they’re the only overseas purchases I did. A few from Mecca & Sephora. Also, this review is just how these 20 lippies lasted on my lips. You may get different results.


Price guide $ = Under $20 AUD (~$15 USD) $$ = $20–$25 AUD (~$15–$19 USD) $$$ = $25–$30 AUD (~$19–$23 USD) $$$$ = Over $30 AUD (over $23 USD)


So, to get started, here's what I'm comparing to:

SeneGence — LipSense * Price: $$$$ * 60 colours * 7.4 ml Alcohol-based, so can sting dry lips. Old formula worked well, but new formula is flaking off more. Good colour range (although missing sections such as reds and dark colours), but poor colour consistency. Doesn’t smudge and doesn’t transfer. Requires three layers. Must be worn with their $$$ gloss (shea butter based glosses from other brands will also work). They claim to be vegan and cruelty free, but are uncertified. MLM product.


3INA — The Longwear Lipstick * Price: $$ * 20 colours * 7 ml (close to the amount in a LipSense tube, for half the price) Not too bad. Does wear off gradually, but doesn’t smudge once dried, and doesn’t transfer too much. No animal testing.

Barry M — Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint * Price: $ * 5 colours + 4 metallic colours * 3 ml A UK brand, new to Australia. Available from Big W, or online. Feels really nice and silky on. Does not smudge or transfer, and does last for many hours. No top gloss required. The metallic ones comes in a lip kit with a matching lip liner pencil. Will gradually wear off over the day, though. One of my faves. No animal testing, and the brand has a fair few vegan products.

Benefit — lip stain (I got Benetint which is red) * Price: $$$ * 5 colours * 4 ml This is a tinted liquid stain, very watery and sheer. It can be used as a blush as well as a lip colour. It works really well as a blush for me, but while it does colour my lips, without transferring — the stain does not last on my lips longer than an hour or two. Animal testing.

Bourjois — Rouge Laque * Price: $ * 8 colours * 6 ml Nice rich colour, and nicely scented. Goes on smoothly, but this smudged majorly for me. Not long-lasting. I think they have some new lippies released recently, though, which might be more long-lasting. Probably not cruelty free.

BYS — Velvet Lips * Price: $ * 29 colours * 6 g This one was a surprise, considering how dirt cheap it is (about $6). It’s actually not too bad, and while it does fade over the day, it doesn’t transfer or smudge, and doesn’t flake off. I got mine at KMart. Claim to be cruelty free, but are not certified.

ColourPop — Ultra Matte Lip * Price: $ * Over 50 colours * 3.2 g To get this in Australia, you have to order from the USA — there is free international shipping if you order over $50 USD worth ($66 AUD), which gets you heaps of stuff! It isn't too bad, but does come off with oily food and there is some smudging and transfer. No animal testing. NB: The Ultra Satin Lip version is not long-lasting! Get the MATTE one.

Covergirl — Outlast All Day Lip Colour (Max Factor’s sister brand) * Price: $$ * 11 colours * 4.2 ml This stuff stays on! All day! And overnight! No transfer or smudging. Good strong colours. Comes with a separate stick of solid lip gloss/balm, the same as Max Factor. Of the two sister brands, Max Factor is better and lasts longer — but they’re both good. Really good. Animal testing.

Dose of Colors — Matte Liquid Lipstick * Price: $$$ * 29 colours * 4.5 g With shipping from the USA, this was actually more like $$$$. Dose of Colors are a small independent cosmetics company, and do small batches, so there are limits on how much you can order, and popular colors can sell out quickly. Lovely to apply, feels light, and doesn't smudge and transfer too much. If I rubbed my finger on my lips, it does sort of smear. It's tricky to touch up edges — if you do, it smudges and stains your skin quite badly. I have a deep red, it might be easier to handle with a lighter colour (it wasn't). But it wasn't drying, and lasted very well. Nicely contoured doe foot, but still a fairly thick formula that was a bit tricky to get smooth edges. Smells gorgeous. I love the packaging. No animal testing and vegan.

ETA 30 May 2018: Hmmm. I ordered more of these lippies, and am not happy with the other colours I tried, they smudged all over the place, constantly. So I'm not using these any more.

e.l.f. — Radiant Gel Lip Tint * Price: $ * 4 colours * 5.6 ml A lip gloss type consistency. A lip stain really, not a thick lipstick. It does build up a nice colour, if you put on several layers, and it doesn’t transfer — but it is not particularly long-lasting. You''ll get a few hours out of this one. Quite hydrating. No animal testing.

Kat Von D Beauty — Everlasting Liquid Lipstick * Price: $$$ * 40 colours * 6.6 ml Elegant packaging. Good strong colour, and creamy. Nice light feel. Doesn't smudge. However, it flaked off for me, despite letting it dry for a long time after application. After a few hours, it had pretty much worn off my inner lips, and was patchy, just from drinking tea. Purchased from Sephora Australia. Heaps of colour choices. Certified cruelty free, and vegan.

Lacura (Aldi) — liquid lipstick * Price: $ * 4 colours * 3 ml Not too bad, it doesn't smudge or transfer too much. Doesn't last all day— wears off fairly quickly. Very inexpensive, though. Comes with a solid lip balm/gloss at the other end of the tube.

Max Factor — Infinilips (Covergirl’s sister brand) * Price: $$ * 15 colours * 4.2 ml This stuff stays on all day. And the next day. It’s actually hard to remove. Comes with a separate stick of solid lip gloss/balm. Good strong colours. Feels nice on the lips. Animal testing.

Maybelline — Super Stay 24 Color * Price: $$ * 13 colours * 4.1 ml Stays put all day. Nice shaped doe foot. Fairly thick, and can be tricky to get a smooth line when applying. Feels nice on. Comes with a solid lip gloss/balm in the same tube — I usually only need to apply the gloss once or twice during the day. Colour lasts all day, no transfer or smudging. Animal testing.

Maybelline — Super Stay Matte Ink * Price: $ * 10 colours * 5 ml This stuff definitely stays put all day! No transfer or smudging. No top gloss required, although you might want to use one. Nice pointed doe foot applicator. I find the mixture quite thick, and it can be a bit hard to apply a clean, even line. It is rather thick and drying on my lips. Might be worth experimenting with wearing with a gloss. Animal testing.

NYX — Lip Lingerie * Price: $ * 20 colours * 4 ml No top coat or gloss. Good matte finish. Bit of a chemical-y smell. Bit of transfer, but not too bad, considering the cost. Good range of colours. Cruelty free.

NYX — Liquid Suede * Price: $ * 22 colours * 4 ml Great rich colours, but smudges like mad. Gets on your teeth, cups, everywhere. Not long-lasting at all. But great colours, and goes on smoothly. No animal testing.

Revlon — Colorstay Overtime * Price: $ * 16 colours * 2 ml Not a lot of product in the tube. Comes with a clear liquid gloss that you brush on. Applies smoothly, and feels fairly light on. Does last very well — actually hard to remove — and doesn’t transfer or smudge. I like the doe foot applicator. Good colours. Animal testing.

Rimmel — Provocalips * Price: $ * 16 colours * 4 ml Yes, this lasts really well, goes on smoothly, does not smudge, and does not transfer. Like it! Comes with a top gloss in the same tube. Their official website lists 16 colours. Animal testing

Rimmel — Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour * Price: $ * 25 colours * 5.5 ml Make sure you let this one dry on your lips thoroughly before putting it to any transfer or smudge tests. Does transfer a bit and smudge a bit, but it’s not too bad for the price. Not my favourite, though. Smells nice. Animal testing.

Stila — Liquid Lip Colour * Price: $$$$ * 32 colours * 3 ml Excellent colour range. Lovely scent / taste. Make sure you let it dry thoroughly. A little transfer, but not too bad. Feels light and silky, and not dry on lips. On my lips, lasts about 4 or 5 hours before needing to be reapplied. Purchased at Mecca Cosmetics. No animal testing? They seem to have recently started selling in China, though. Really like this one, I need more colours!

Sugarpill — Liquid Lip Colour * Price: $$$ * 13 colours * 5.4 ml Great colours. Make sure you let it dry thoroughly. Some smudging and transfer, but not too bad. Nicely scented. Limited availability in Australia, I got mine from Beserk. Cruelty free and vegan.

Tarte — Tarteist Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint * Price: $$$ * 26 colours * 6 ml Purchased from Sephora Australia. Doesn't smudge or transfer. Feels quite light and a bit silky on, but also a bit dry. My lips looked quite dry and lined. Did not last frightfully well, and completely collapsed under the onslaught of oily food. Nicely contoured doe foot. Bit of a painty smell. Cruelty free.

Tony Moly — Perfect Lips Shocking Lip * Price: $$$ * 4 colours * 7 g This is a Korean brand. It is more of a lip stain, and is quite sheer when going on. You can build up several layers. It will wear off, but does stain the skin on your lips too, and that stain lasts for over a day. I didn't find it stained my lips very evenly, though — so it gave a patchy result.


My top picks

  • Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paint
  • Stila Liquid Lip Colour
  • MaxFactor Infinilips
  • Rimmel Provocalips
  • Covergirl Outlast All Day Lip Colour
  • Revlon Colorstay Overtime
  • Maybelline Super Stay 24 Color

These are the lipsticks I wear most days now. I am not happy about the animal testing of most of these brands, though, so will keep looking for a certified cruelty-free brand that does a really superior long-lasting lippy — watch this space! I think Barry M is the best option so far (which is easily available in Australia, anyway) if you’re after inexpensive and cruelty-free. It also feels the nicest to me — very silky. You can find it online, and from Big W department stores.

For much more thorough long-lasting liquid lippy reviews, I recommend Stephanie Nicole's series on YouTube.

Aussie LipStick Addict

Updated 5 June 2019

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I signed up for SeneGence around February 2017, right in the thick of the Out Of Stock (OOS) Apocalypse. I signed up under a local woman I befriended. I’d been wanting to help my husband out a bit by taking the financial load off his shoulders and possibly “going back to school” with some online courses. I was excited at first. I paid my $55 (ie over $60 after S&H and taxes), joined every Facebook distributor group I could, listened to my upline for guidance and listened to and observed from other distributors because I was the new kid and they obviously knew more than I did about how these things run, right?

When I signed up, my upline kind of but not really made me aware of how dire OSS was. She flashed me her phone, showed me all the stuff that was OSS, but reassured me that there was plenty of LipSense to get me started with, and I needed to order right away. Order business cards. Order packaging. Start a group. Plan a party. Indiscriminately add friends to it because if they wanted to leave and not support me, they would, and friends that wanted to see me succeed would stick around.

Recruit recruit recruit. Sell sell sell. Party party party.

(Even as I’m writing my blood is boiling to think of how I got suckered into this mess, despite being such a cautious person.)

I listened to her because I thought we were friends. I listened to the group chatter when things were really bad and NOTHING was in stock but skin care products no one cared about because all we’re ever told is “Our lipstick is the best and it sells itself”. Hint: it doesn’t sell itself.

I continued to listen. I continued to front load when I had no money to do it with. Another reason I started this was to help with debts, not add to them! But over and over again I read “front load” from uplines that we as newbies are supposed to be able to trust and look to for guidance. I read so many stay positive, God’s got this type things. I’m a follower, but I have a hard time believing God is in something that felt so off for me.

This went on for months. I’d feel discouraged about why I did this in the first place and I’d consult with my upline, she’d give me a generic pep talk and ask a lot of questions about why I started this to begin with, building a business, etc. All I wanted to do was pay some bills and maybe further my education! Not build an empire!

Over time I realized how I’d been used. That alone made me mad, but what made me even angrier is that I didn’t even see it coming.

There’s two kinds of distributors: ones that just sell product, and ones that sell possibilities. The ones that sell possibilities build big teams, get big commissions off those big teams, and give them the cheery pep talks when there’s an impending mutiny because nothing is in stock. Those are the ones who were sickengly positive all the time, discouraging any sort of questioning the situation and squashing it as “negativity” and “if you aren’t succeeding, you aren’t working hard enough” which is utter and total bullshit. I realized it too late after I’d spent hundreds if not a few thousand trying to stick it out, keep positive, and “girl boss” my way out of a bad situation.

It’s so easy to fall for the tactics. I really do like the lipstick but the pitches I was advised to give to sell product never felt genuine. I felt like I was misleading everyone when I tried to sell a whole overpriced kit when you don’t even really need the remover (it tastes awful anyway), or to act super pumped for a product that I hated or didn’t work (looking at you, mascara and lip volumizer).

I lasted about four months before I jumped ship. I was not happy doing this business. I wasn’t excited. I was super jaded about the company and their shadiness, their misleading methods of selling product, the distributors chugging that SeneBlue Kool-Aid and trying to get others to shut up and chug it, too. I got so sick of it all and was really depressed for a while because I felt like a failure.

I sold off what I could in a final going out of business (GOOB) sale, and sent the rest back to the company. I got reimbursed, not fully, but enough. I feel burned by someone I trusted, too. I really felt like she knew how bad it was and glossed over it to get me to sign up. She was really convincing and reassuring, and I totally fell for it like a complete sucker. I doubt she’s going to pay me for my extra leftovers I gave her, too.

I know not everyone’s experience was like mine. I should have known better, should have trusted my gut about this company and MLMs, but I was pulled in by playing to my best intentions.

Moral of the story: if it doesn’t make you happy to do, don’t do it. And don’t fall for pushy sales tactics, no matter who they’re coming from.

I will never, ever do an MLM again. I’d sell a kidney if I needed money that badly.

— Jaded And Not Blue

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Photo by Tyler McRobert on Unsplash