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Guess who one of the top political donors to Republicans is in Orange County, California? Yep, it's still Ben Kante, 'chief strategy officer' of SeneGence, and husband to Joni Rogers-Kante, founder of SeneGence. He's the number two donor for this region:

Ben “Bennie” Kante has donated $1.35 million this cycle, all to Republicans.

He’s husband to Joni Rogers-Kante, founder of SeneGence, a Foothill Ranch-based multilevel marketing company that makes self-care products, including the popular LipSense line of lipsticks. Kante is chief strategy officer for the 20-year-old company, with his donations sometimes listed out of Orange County and often listed out of a small city in Oklahoma where Rogers-Kante grew up and where the company has a SeneGence distribution center.

More than half of Kante’s donations have gone to Take Back the House 2020. He’s also donated $26,041 to Trump Victory. The rest has gone to state GOP committees and candidates across the country.

Kante donated $2 million in the 2017-18 election cycle, including $1 million to super PAC America First Action, which supports Trump. He didn’t show any donations in the 10 years prior, and his wife gave just $1,000 to the NRCC in 2006 and again in 2007.

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The Kante's support for Trump was a deal-breaker for many of us. Maybe it's a reason you decide to stay. Who knows. But it's important to be aware.

Yes folks. Joni Rogers-Kante, the founder of SeneGence, was divinely inspired. G = God in this conversation. And this explains why the SeneGence ranks are all royalty. God told her to. Apparently 🤷🏼‍♀️. (BTW, that's not word play.)

So yes, SeneGence has a big Christian basis, which is probably more visible in the USA than other countries. Each to their own, and all that. But be aware of the background.

From the tippy top of the triangular structure to bottom, the ranks go:

👑 Empress 👑 Amethyst Queen 👑 Emerald Queen 👑 Sapphire Queen 👑 Ruby Queen 👑 Queen 👑 Emerald Crown Princess 👑 Sapphire Crown Princess 👑 Ruby Crown Princess 👑 Crown Princess 👑 Princess 👑 Princess in Waiting 👑 Duchess 👑 Duchess in Waiting 👑 Countess 👑 Countess in Waiting 👑 Lady 👑 Lady in Waiting 👑 Royal 👑 Royal in Waiting 👑 Maiden 👑 Qualified Distributor

You can see more about what each rank entails here.

#SeneGence #LipSense #religion

Be on the lookout for these posts on your social media during September 2019. This is what the SeneHuns have been told to say. They're sounding desperate, don't you think? Numbers dropping, hun? 🤔

What to say to your victims, oh, sorry, we mean potential recruits ...

Target being your own boss:

Target work/life balance:

Target family and lifestyle:

Here's what to say to your downline:

#recruitment #PyramidScheme

SeneGence has finally come out with some new packaging. Initially for Limited Edition colours only. About bloody time, it's gotta be said. (The ShadowSense tubes haven't been helped any, but show you how bad the old packaging still is.)

And yes, it's an improvement (not hard to achieve). Still doesn't look like they employed a professional branding company, but hey, we takes what we can gets, eh?

However. This is going around the distributor groups:

Cult leader status: confirmed ✅

Then there's this FONT ... which is lovely. And costs about £10.

Which looks suspiciously very very similar to the official LipSense 'logo':

Well, maybe Joni drew her own version of this font? Traced over the lines? Or maybe their graphic designer did some tweaking of the font to warp it slightly, to come up with the 'new LipSense logo'. Whatever. 🤷🏼‍♀️

But the whole 'wet your pants cos our divinely inspired cult leader maybe drew this' thing is ridiculous. Get a grip.

We were thrilled to see SBS reporter Elise Potaka take on multi-level marketing schemes in Australia, and particularly shine a spotlight on SeneGence! Brave salesperson Sally actually signs up for SeneGence, and tries her best to make a go of it ...

You can watch the full segment here. Find out how Sally fares.

If you want to see the fuss the SeneHuns made afterwards on the SBS Facebook Page, you can read (and join in if you like) here.


You can also read MLM Intel's take on the show.

I joined SeneGence a few years ago, knowing that I’m good at selling something I think works. Do I think LipSense works — well, basically it does, but are there other equivalent (and cheaper) products out there, of course.

My problem was the price, and I struggled to get support from friends, and even strangers thought the price was an issue. Of course, I was trying to sell the set of three (colour, gloss and remover that doesn’t remove at all). Yes the FOOPS remover works, but at around $36 for the smallest of bottles, I’d rather customers stick to Garnier, and spend more money on products.

The ‘exfoliation phase’ is a furphy as well. Our lip layers are so thin, and what person has ever heard of a ‘wax build-up’. Just another way to explain the alcohol sting, which you do get used to.

So, you book markets, place ads, and get shopped around by customers who are trying to get the best deal. It’s a time when everyone is selling, but still not as many people know about it.

The bottom line is the MLM or pyramid scheme fact. I know all you Crown Princesses will say “MLM is not a pyramid scheme” — but years ago pyramid schemes renamed themselves MLMs to remove the stigma. If you join and start signing downlines, you earn more the more they sell, and your upline does the same. See? Pyramid.

How does the company stay afloat when so many earn their piece of $17. Yes, the skincare costs more, but why pay astronomical prices on stuff by MLM companies when you can pay less for beauty salon brands with far more active ingredients, sold by a trained professional?

Speaking of active ingredients what on earth is SenePlex Complex? If you Google it, you get flooded with distributors' explanations — so many, in fact, that you can’t find an original. Why has no other beauty therapist heard of this wonder product, nor has any chemist I have spoken to? The product definitely work on SeneGence's fearless leader Joni, who is the entrepreneur who uses Botox and fillers! The only entrepreneur here is Joni, who builds and develops this business. All other distributors are simply 'successful' business women, who don't own their own businesses.

Speaking of Botox etc — why do the SeneGence high rollers insist on using the filters on their photos and videos? That’s not good skincare, it’s clever use of the phone. Some are so full of Botox and their lips are so pumped up it’s ridiculous.

Those who are game enough to video their makeup application, I applaud you. That takes a lot of confidence to do — congratulations. But please, we don’t need a fashion show along with it. Things may look nice but we don’t want to see you admiring yourself.

Also when doing a live video be PROFESSIONAL. Stop saying hello to everyone who jumps on. We don’t care how many people you know, not do we want to hear your private jokes. It is so unprofessional. Simply apply the makeup and concentrate on instruction and information. But then again, these people sign up anyone as distributors, no matter who they are.

I spoke to one single mother with three kids who probably signed up after being told what their high-earning upline earns. Then they find out that 350 PV (points value) is not as described and it's going to cost them over $1,000 to start. Great work signing up a woman who struggles to put food on the table, let alone pressuring her to front load, with no customers.

Don’t get me started on the Yankee singing and dancing included at conferences. And honestly, why does everyone wear their LipSense stripes on their hands at SeneGence functions? To impress Joni? They are all Maidens and above, and get dressed in beautiful gowns — but then add stripes??? They aren't out 'wowing', and can’t sign each other up?! All part of the 'cult look'.

Wake up and smell the roses!


This is a straight copy and paste from notes posted in a senior SeneGence upline's group, about advice imparted by Patty Winter in a training video.

A moment's silence for the tragic emoji abuse ... not to mention the actual contents, which may make your eyes bleed. Sorry about that.

The 'Ignorance on fire' quote is a small section of a quote, which in full reads:

“Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice. But there's nothing more powerful than knowledge on fire.” (attributed to Ivan Misner or Greg Olsen, but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Ignorance on fire — is your typical MLM devotee, and what the MLMs want you to be like.

... is better than knowledge on ice. — ie those who watch, analyse and think, but might not do anything.

And the end of the quote, which MLMs never mention: But there’s nothing more powerful than knowledge on fire. (ie knowledge and action).

Ignorance wins every time, in MLM land.

Your Crownless Princesses

Notes from watching Patty Winter like 1,000 times!!! Feel free and use for your teams! 👸🏻🔥😱😱😱😱‼️‼️‼️‼️ Group link to vid is in comments❤️

👑Ignorance on FIRE 💙Senegence is Home 🙌🏻There’s no MLM school where you sit in classes and learn tidbits of things here and there for 8 you’re a day 5 days a week” “JIM RHON” <—— look him up! 🚨🚨Be relentless in your pursuit of what you want!! NOTHING WILL STOP YOU! 💥The grass isn’t greener on the other side! It doesn’t matter what company you’re with! It doesn’t matter what product you sell! Ultimately it’s up to YOU what you do with it! 💥We are basically schooled to be good little employees! There was nothing in school about Entrepunership. We all grew up with an employee mindset. Once I discovered Network Marketing, I never looked back. 🚨🚨The harder you work, the more you get paid!!! Actually doing the INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES! 🚨🚨We decide what we get paid! If you’re looking to your upline to get paid, STOP IT! You’re not an employee! You are business owners 💙We have something REALLY unique here in Senegence 👌🏻We live in an instant gratification world! 📈STATS!! 💥 📌The average invest for a business is $6,500 📌80% will fail in the first 5 Year’s 📌90% fail in first 10 Year’s 🤷🏻‍♀️Why don’t people get it? 👉🏻Low investment, the harder you work the more you get paid! People think like an employee! 📌70% of our downline will be consumers 📌20% will be social enrollees 📌5% will be retailers 📌3% will recruit 6 or more recruits 📌2% will be super recruiters with 10 or more recruits and they will bring in 70% or your downline. Spend time with these people! 😱90% of people who sign up for a home based business will quit in the FIRST YEAR!😱 👉🏻Why? 👈🏻 😱People quit because they have UNREALISTIC Expectations! 💥It’s called NetWORK marking for a reason! It’s simple! Small things CONSISTENTLY over time. 💥How you DO something is how you DO everything!! 🚨People who complain about their upline/employer or complain about their product have an EMPLOYEE MINDSET! Don’t complain about something you got involved in! 🚨 🙌🏻You can not chase TWO rabbits 👑What we do in this is we BUILD PEOPLE UP!!! No other job will be like this where you show up to BUILD PEOPLE UP👑 Stick and stay and make it pay! 💥 What you put into it is what you get out of it!! 💥 💁🏻‍♀️If you are a MOTHER.... you are in SALES! 💁🏻‍♀️If you’re watching Netflix... you are in SALES! 🚨🚨Show up! BUT You have to APPLY what you’re learning!!! TRUST, that the rest of the road will guide you! You put into place one foot in at a time! 🚨🚨 🙌🏻It’s going to take you ONE YEAR to become competent and to learn the skills needed to do this business. 🙌🏻It takes 3 years to go and create a full time or part time income! 🙌🏻It takes 5 years to become a HIGH INCOME EARNER 🙌🏻It takes 7 years to become WORLD CLASS! 💥This is a business you can work in your SPARE time! 🙌🏻If you don’t have a Plan B, what is your Plan B? You might have something people need to SAVE THEIR LIFE!! 🚨It’s not your sponsors fault if you’re not having success. It’s up to YOU to find out what you need when you need it!! If you fail at this... it’s your fault! If you’re successful at this... it’s also your fault! It’s on YOU! 👉🏻 Wow. Book. Demo. Direct 👈🏻 this is ALL the info you need to succeed! 😱💥If you’re not ready, you’re not going to attract it💥😱 🙌🏻You need to commit to PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT! 🌟🔥Success isn’t just your rank! Success isn’t just your paycheck! SUCCESS IS WHO YOU BECOME THROUGH THIS AND WHO YOU HELP OTHERS BECOME 🌟🔥 🌟Celebrate everything that you do and everything that you’re GROWING through.🌟 💥💥💥Stop asking people asking people to join your team!! This is an OPPORTUNITY that can fill a void in someone’s life!! 💥💥💥 👌🏻Make sure you know WHO you’re talking too! Find out what they NEED! 🔥Confused people do NOTHING! 💁🏻‍♀️If you approach people like that... guess what your team is doing? 🚨YOUTUBE! Turn your car into a UNIVERSITY! 👉🏻Get GOOD at promoting your business!! 👈🏻 🌟Go to EVENTS!!! They change LIVES! 👉🏻Ignorance on FIRE is better then Knowledge on ice 👈🏻 🚨Fearless Networking 📚 THE SUCCESS PRINCIPLES📚 ORDER THESE NOW! 💥When you’re more skilled at doing this, you’ll have more confidence! The more confident you are the more GROWTH you’ll have! 👌🏻Every Master was once a disaster! 🙌🏻We need to get FOCUSED! We need to MAKE THE TIME for what’s important to us! 🙌🏻 🔥 Don’t get DISTRACTED!!!! Foooocuss!! 🚨😱 IS THIS AN INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITY?!!!😱🚨 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Everyone you know right now was a STRANGER!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 🙌🏻🚨🙌🏻 Stop thinking about your business allll the time and start thinking about alllll the people who might NEED what YOU have for them through FRIENDSHIP!! 🙌🏻🚨🙌🏻 💥Secret to success.... LASER FOCUS💥 💯Get back to the HONEYMOON phase where you want the world to KNOW ABOUT THIS!! 💯 ‼️Oh you’re in one of those Pyramid schemes! YES I AM!! And what are you in that’s working toward your future... NOTHING‼️ BYE 👋🏻 👏🏻 Grow some RHINO skin!! 👏🏻 👏🏻 Don’t look at your downlines to see if they are ordering and don’t look at your uplines and wish they would provide more content. You need to make it happen STARTING WITH YOU!!! 👏🏻 🙌🏻 Don’t take your foot off the gas!! KEEP GOING! 🚨💯How many people do you know with a face? How many people do you know with lips?? If you haven’t talked to them all then you’re not finished doing what you need to do! 💯🚨 ‼️It’s going to take WORK!! Give this ONE year!! Even at a hobby level!! ONE YEAR ‼️ 🤷🏻‍♀️ Know what to do when you get down!! What happens when the struggle happens? 🤷🏻‍♀️ 🌟 When you’re down, GO UPLINE! When you’re up, go DOWNLINE! 💯 ‼️‼️‼️Decide that you’re going to give this ONE YEAR from TODAY!! Plant your flag!! ReLAUNCH!!! ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ 💯💯💯Commit! Commit to doing ALL OF THE THINGS!! 🔥🔥🔥Take ACTION!!! 🔥🔥🔥

This is how they manage new distributors in SeneGence.

TIPS for your newly sponsored. UPLINES: This is a must read for you;

Step one: After you sign them up book the launch within 7-10 days of sign up Book a demo and hostess coach. Work together with your host on who they are inviting. You can zoom into her launch if not local or do an FB party. It’s our job as their upline to help them hold a successful launch. It is part of her training.

Step two Choose a PV [Points Value] pack. ‘Let’s decide which pack will be best for your career path’ Decide what PV pack is the best for their career path and run them through the three differing options. Start with the biggest pack first. You don’t want them to regret missing out on the biggest one first. Majority always say they wish they got the bigger one if they ordered a smaller one. Remind them of the Fast Start products within the pack.

Step three: Who do you know? ‘As a new distributor let’s think about three people you know that can join your team, I want to see you making commission as well as sale profits’ get her thinking Maiden 🎉 lead her to that Crown by helping her follow the right steps to get there. Don’t live to get. Live to GIVE. Give the SeneGence opportunity to everyone. Happy sponsoring everyone. Dreams don’t work unless you do. You must get hold of them... you must be the leader of your dreams. 💋

Crownless comment: Huge response from their group, given they have over 2,000 members ... 8 likes and 1 comment?! Killin' it, hun.


Teacher Christmas gifts at daycare done 🎉 Bet these will be the best gifts they have ever gotten. Not to mention so well deserved for looking after my cheeky monkey 🤣🙈 Have you got your gifts ready for everyone to help promote what you do? 🙋🏻‍♀️

Her comment below the photo: We put a candy cane, pink champagne LipSense and protective gloss, business card, a thank you/Merry Christmas note. The WOW factor is sure to get them in the door and then we will help them explore the rest of the range. Xx

SO. This is what it's all about, folks. Giving gifts to promote what YOU do. Not to purely show appreciation to some hardworking people (who have real jobs). Using influence techniques to gain new victims customers.

#LipSense #SeneGence #PyramidScheme #influence #antiMLM

“Wowing” is what SeneGence calls the process of going out with stripes of LipSense (or their eyeshadow, ShadowSense) painted on your hand, and using this to approach anyone and everyone about how great your lipstick is, and how it doesn't smudge, and trying to get their contact details off them so you can book a demo or party. Just handing them your business card isn't enough ... no, you need to get their info, to really do your job properly.

Here are some pro tips for you:

Translation: What is WOWING? It's meeting new victims, accosting strangers and making them feel uncomfortable, and trying to get people's contact details so you can pester them endlessly.

Translation: If you're not always wearing stripes of makeup on your hands, you're not really trying, are you? And if you're not doing it everywhere, you're also not really trying. Always look cute! Become obsessed with your appearance! If you fail, well ... guess whose fault that is?

Translation: Here's your scripts of what to say to manipulate others. A Beauty Book is a 'free gift'? Fuck off. It's a catalogue, that costs a few dollars. The 'free prize' drawing is purely a way to get people's contact details, for future harassment.

Translation: Give out 10 Beauty Books a day, otherwise you're not really trying. Push for a sale on the spot. Carry inventory with you AT ALL TIMES. And honestly, no, EVERY WOMAN who tries it doesn't want to buy it. They mostly just want you to GO AWAY.

Please just fuck off. PLEASE.

#LipSense #SeneGence #PyramidScheme #antiMLM