Megan's SeneScam

We think you will find Megan's YouTube exposé of her time in SeneGence enlightening!

1) My “Why” and Onboarding

2) My Life as a Hun

3) MLM or Cult?

She also been interviewed on Roberta Blevins' Life After MLM podcast:

Episode 28: Megan Williams, Part 1

As an addict in recovery, Megan was targeted in her sacred Tuesday Night meeting by a seemingly friendly looking, tattooed woman who she connected with. Over a cup of coffee, she's pitched the beauty MLM, SeneGence and decides to start her “business”. Over the course of her time with the company, Megan started to notice things weren't what she signed up for. Thankfully for us, she's spilling all the SeneTea.

Episode 29: Megan Williams, Part 2

In the conclusion of Megan's story, she shares her struggles with SeneGence, the predatory and toxic nature of what she experienced inside the cult, and how she got out and moved on. We also connect on a personal level and find out we have a lot more in common that just MLM (which is a pattern of coincidence I'm starting to see on this show...).