Christmas Challenges

Aaaah, Christmas. Every MLMer's dream time. A perfect time to optimise your sales and add stress to the lives of your loved ones. Here's some advice and challenges from various horses' mouths:


Tips for Direct Sellers who know that it’s not too late to sell party plan products as Christmas gifts to increase sales, party bookings and sponsor leads!


Let’s start TODAY! 1 day at a time, 12 days in a row…. you can do this! I’ve made this super-simple to follow. Avoid the feeling of overwhelm by just focusing on the 1 step that I have for you TODAY. Promise Me? “Yes, Melanie!” Let’s do this….. together!!

“It’s NOT too late to sell your party plan products as christmas gifts”

🔸 ️DAY 1 – STEP 1 Create a basket of gift-wrapped products to sell & deliver instantly. Stock up and order in your most popular products to add to your basket Use products that you have purchased on discount from your company if you have them as that will increase your profit margin If you are running low on product stock, sell items from your kit and replace them in the new year Choose special offer or bundle deal. E.g. Buy 2 get 3rd ½ off. This offer can be ANYTHING at all that gets YOU and YOUR CUSTOMER excited… be creative, you are your own best GENIUS! If your company has a December special offer for customers, you may choose to simply use that.

🔸 ️DAY 2 – STEP 2 Book 2 or more pop-in Christmas gift shopping home visits from 5+ phone calls to best hosts/customers As Christmas snowballs closer and closer, it does become too late to book successful December parties easily, due to the relentless objections of: I don’t have time I’m too busy before Christmas No-one will come because everyone is so busy before Christmas SO ….. I found that doing a casual drop-in to my best hosts and customers gave me a way to maximize the opportunity to get some last minute Christmas sales in and also start to book new year parties in for hosts that are keen to see the new range or January specials from the company. I called my best hosts/customers and offered to bring the Christmas gifts to them in a casual way, instead of them having to organize a formal ‘party’. People are always more likely to buy products once they have them in their hands and who can resist a bargain as good as my December last-minute special offer? Here’s what I said on the phone to schedule the home visits: Phone Call Script to Schedule a Pop-In Christmas Gift Shopping Home Visit: “Hi Jennifer, it’s Melanie from XYZ Company…. I’m hearing that people are scrambling to get last-minute Christmas gifts and finding it difficult to get time to go to the shops or arrange a party, so I’ve decided to find a way to come to my best hosts/customers like you to make it far easier and I’ve put together a special basket of products only for my best hosts and customers. I’m going to be in your area on Tuesday and Thursday this week with a basket of products that are ‘Buy 2 and get the 3rd Half Price’ and I wanted you to be one of the first that I offer that to…. how about we do a casual drop to your place for just 10-15 minutes on either Tuesday or Thursday so you can see the items that I have in the half price offer as last minute Christmas gifts?” Of course, when Jennifer books her pop-in visit, offer for her to invite a couple of neighbors/family/friends and you may be able to offer host rewards for any sales that come from the visit. ALWAYS offer the opportunity to book in for a new year party. Many companies will offer extra host rewards or super-customer specials in January.

🔸 ️DAY 3 – STEP 3 1 hour+ Office/Industrial Workshop Walk-In Visits with Christmas basket of products to sell (leave invites to Open House)

🔸 ️DAY 4 – STEP 4 Facebook Livestream with basket of products. Promote your offer.

🔸 ️DAY 5 – STEP 5 SMS message to 50+ hosts/customers Use this template for the text in your message. By asking a question in your message you will be able to identify your hot/warm leads and know who to follow up. When you get a reply of either YES/MAYBE, I recommend you immediately make a personal voice phone call to the number while you know they are available and on their phone for best results. “Got a second, [NAME]? Please reply YES/NO/MAYBE…. …. I’m arranging last minute Christmas [YOUR PRODUCT TYPE] gift deliveries. I’m doing a [YOUR OFFER]….. are you interested? Just a quick YES/NO/MAYBE is fine either way. ~ [YOUR NAME, YOUR COMPANY] “ If you are a Mary Kay makeup and skincare consultant, your message to customer Joanne may look like this: Got a second, Joanne? Please reply YES/NO/MAYBE…. …. I’m arranging last minute Christmas skincare & make-up gift deliveries. I’m doing a “Buy 2, get the 3rd item half price” offer …. are you interested? Just a quick YES/NO/MAYBE is fine either way. ~ Melanie, Mary Kay Cosmetics (P.S. Before you complete day 6, Have you done 2 pop-in home visits yet?)(P.S. Have you done 2 pop-in home visits yet?)

🔸 ️DAY 6 – STEP 6 Facebook Messenger Broadcast with offer & Facebook live replay link to 50+ hosts/customers Use the same template as above for the SMS messages. This will increase your bookings, sales & recruits through systems for success, deleting the risk of you leaving potential business untapped due to forgetting any steps.

🔸 ️DAY 7 – STEP 7 Watch Party of your Facebook livestream in your group / page / profile

🔸 ️DAY 8 – STEP 8 Email to hosts & customers incl. photo of you with basket, pop-in home visits, offer, open house invite, FB live replay

🔸️ DAY 9 – STEP 9 Social Media Posts on all channels with news as above

🔸 ️DAY 10 – STEP 10 Hold a Facebook Group Event (posts can follow email news topics as above)

🔸 ️DAY 11 – STEP 11 RSVP Phone calls, SMS & Messenger to follow up Open House Invites & Final Orders/Deliveries

🔸️ DAY 12 – STEP 12 OPEN HOUSE Display Event for shopping & order pick-up. Casual drop in between your chosen hours.


And some special SeneGence challenges:


Let them know you would love to get involved by donating a prize if they hold a raffle and you’ll set up a lippy stand which is lots of fun and great entertainment for the ladies


Two minute business centre demos. Go to your local business centres, real estate offices, travel agencies etc. Ask if there are any women available for a quick revolutionary make up demonstration. Show your stripes don’t come off, explain how to apply, and hand out order forms. You will be amazed at how many sales you can collect in business centres. 💋