Crownless Princesses


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From a SeneGence Queen to her minions

1) Order your inventory. All orders in your first 30 days can be purchased at 50% if it is 300PV+ [over $600 USD worth]

  • Let's face it — no one wants to buy cosmetics from an “empty store”... If you have it – you will sell it.
  • You will up sell items because you have them in stock.
  • People don't want to wait for their cosmetics
  • Avoid restricting your sales ... always have inventory on hand.
  • Your customers will pay for your inventory orders if you are booking each week.
  • Ask your upline field leader for suggestions of what to order per season.
  • Try to order a minimum of 300 wholesale (300PV)... you will NOT make money or save money ordering below this level. (Shipping is too high & Discount is too low!)

2) Get customers .... Swipe the back of your hand with the same lip colors you put on yourself every morning.

  • Make this a habit.
  • It will start conversations with others... they will want to know what is on the back of your hand. DO NOT WAIT until your inventory or supplies arrive .... use whatever lip color you have to start “wowing” others right now.
  • Set up bookings NOW for when your kit & inventory arrives next week.
  • Hit the road running... (and remember, it's never too late to get started...)

3) Know your Schedule.

  • Buy a diary just for SeneGence.
  • Mark out the times you cannot do SeneGence due to outside work, family, etc.
  • CIRCLE all of the time slots you can do SeneGence. Try to FILL each CIRCLE with a BOOKING.
  • Use your CIRCLE TIMES to find new customers, host demos, do follow-up calls with clients, or to interview clients to become distributors.
  • CIRCLES that are FILLED with these types of activities = $$$$$.

4) Training is Key to Success.

  • Soak up as much information as you can each week.... start by listening to the CD's and DVD's in your kit. Watch the video.
  • Attend trainings, local trainings & conference call trainings each week.
  • Write each training event on your calendar.
  • Book yourself for training first.
  • Learn Something New Each Week.

5) Shadow another Distributor — Learn by watching an experience distributor.

  • Take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.
  • Contact your upline to schedule a shadowing experience.
  • Learn how to Earn.

6) Carry your Testers & some Product on-hand at all times!

  • You never know when you might sell something...or sponsoring someone!
  • Be prepared to swipe others with color & to book an appt. on the spot.
  • Use the 3-foot rule... if there is a woman within 3 feet of you – you should talk to her... Start the conversation by saying... “Have you heard of SenseCosmetics?” or “Is that Lipsense you are wearing?” or “Have you seen this lip color before?” or “I'm launching a new line of all-day cosmetics in the area, have you heard of SeneGence?” THEN... proceed to asking her if you can show her a SAMPLE of the lip color on the back of her hand. SWIPE. Ask her if she can rub it off. Ask her if she would like to try it... BOOK the appt.

7) Give EVERYONE 2 Choices!

  • Swipe them with color – then say “We are looking for Customers and Distributors” ... “Would you like to have a look at the full product range” .... Let them decide if they want to purchase or sell themselves.

8) Spend MOST of your time NOW Booking Demos, Booking Individual Appointments, etc.

Book, Book, Book...Everything * Everything comes from BOOKINGS. * Everything counts as a booking too... 1 on 1 appointments, group demos, tradeshows, trunk shows, referrals... etc.

9) Offer the entire line of products to everyone; you will increase your sales and your re-orders.

  • Sell LipSense first and then offer then the other products.
  • Follow up your new customers and ask them if they would like anything else (perhaps a mascara or eye liner) Book a demo.
  • Each Hostess can have 2 demos for you. A lippy party and an Eye party.

10) Do Customer Care Calls within 48 hours of purchase.

  • Check back with them, this is how you retain your customers.
  • Give them another call every 2-3 months after each purchase for re-orders.
  • People get busy & will appreciate your help and you will love the increase in your re-orders by making the phone calls yourself.
  • Good follow-up insures Great re-orders!

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That about sums up my whole SeneGence experience. I should have run like the wind, when I joined and saw the amount of colors that were out of stock. I didn't, though. I didn't know any better. I was quickly told that colors come in, and to buy them as they do. I placed my first 300pv order like it was what I was supposed to do, no questions asked. As more colors went out of stock, less came in. I kept buying because I NEEDED to have multiples of all the colors. After all, SeneGence is just hitting their peak, and the LipSense sells itself, right?

Soon after I joined, it was announced that the colors were getting cut down to 36. I was disappointed, but would get onboard if it meant more of the remaining colors would be availble. That wasn't the case. The colors were cut, and still to the day I quit this month, there was never 100% in stock. Colors came in and often went right back out. To resolve this, we were encouraged to buy colors that were in stock, and trade them for colors we needed. That only worked if someone was willing to trade for what you had, and if you wanted to immediatley lose money off your profit margin, because now you not only had to pay for SeneGence to ship your colors to you, you now had to put money out to ship trades.

Somehow, despite the crazy out of stock issues, I pressed on. I found myself purchasing way more then I was selling, because I had foolishly convinced myself that this was going to get better. I told myself I would come out on top with a good stock, and would make all my money back and then some. I convinced my husband that these purchases were a sound business investment, and that he shouldn't worry. I even had three ladies who joined under me (two of which are now also considering quitting), and I would explain things like the out of stock as growing pains, and that it would all be worth it in the end.

It wasn't until a few months had passed that I realized this wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I started realizing my upline wasn't helpful at all. With SeneGence, you are supposed to be involved with your first five uplines, as they are the ones who benefit from your purchases. My 1st and 2nd upline were almost non-exisitent, and rarely reached out to see how things were going, or if they could help me in any way. My 3rd upline was out to make herself successful at your expesne, to say the least. She would always push the 300pv, front loading, buying to trade, and became very defensive and offended if anyone said something negative about SeneGence, no matter how true it was. She and my 4th upline did have a little better communication with us girls than 1 or 2, but they gave pointless trainings that were of no benefit to running a successful business, and often lacked the knowledge to answer simple questions anyhow. My 5th upline, who literally became a Crown Princess the week before I quit, and never reached out to us lower lines.

It wasn't til mid-July that I started to see all of these things in a bigger picture or maybe that's just when I woke up, and knew that I had made a bad decsion. I had been buying more and more stock up to this point, for no logical reason, and realized I needed to do something. At this point it was too late, and I was in too deep. I started trying to get my on-hand stock down to a manageable amount, but the product just wasn't moving. No one wanted to buy at full retail because there were so many distributors offering it at a discount, including myself. I took the time to go back through my invoices, and saw that 90% of my sales were from when I ran a discount. Very few were actually purchased at retail. Desperate to get rid of the product, but not break compliance, because I still somehow hoped things would somehow turn around, I offered a sale again. 5%, then 10%, then 15%, but very few sales were made. I started waiving my tax, offering free shipping, which moved a little more stock, but nowhere near manageable. I decided to have a secret sale of 25% off in my closed customer group. I trusted these girls, and most of them had become loyal to me, so I figured I owed it to them to give them first crack at my stock, at such a high discount. The sale was a success for moving product, and I had a small glimmer of hope.

I somehow thought I could still make things work, but as soon as the sale was over, no one was buying. Everyone had gotten so use to me discounting that they didn't want to buy at retail, or with free shipping. They wanted full blown blow-out sales, and I can't blame them. I'd be doing the same thing as a customer, as we all want the most for our money. That was when I finally realized I couldn't continue on with this business. Never would I be truly successful, because this product that sold itself, and was worth $25 retail, didn't and wasn't.

If you choose to join, please do your research. Don't let them convice you the you can start your business for just $55. The $55 is an annual fee, and you have to buy stock. There is absolutely no way to be successful if you just order as people buy colors. To get 50% off you need to order 750 pv, if you order less then that, your discount will be less. So many things that if I had been told back in February, I would have NEVER joined.

I have now sold through almost all of my stock, at 25 to 40% discount. I have lost money. I have lost family time. I have failed. Don't be like me.

— C.D.

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