Top 10 Things to do as a New SeneGence Distributor

It's more like 37 things. Original grammar & spelling retained 🙄


From a SeneGence Queen to her minions

1) Order your inventory. All orders in your first 30 days can be purchased at 50% if it is 300PV+ [over $600 USD worth]

2) Get customers .... Swipe the back of your hand with the same lip colors you put on yourself every morning.

3) Know your Schedule.

4) Training is Key to Success.

5) Shadow another Distributor — Learn by watching an experience distributor.

6) Carry your Testers & some Product on-hand at all times!

7) Give EVERYONE 2 Choices!

8) Spend MOST of your time NOW Booking Demos, Booking Individual Appointments, etc.

Book, Book, Book...Everything * Everything comes from BOOKINGS. * Everything counts as a booking too... 1 on 1 appointments, group demos, tradeshows, trunk shows, referrals... etc.

9) Offer the entire line of products to everyone; you will increase your sales and your re-orders.

10) Do Customer Care Calls within 48 hours of purchase.

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