Crownless Princesses


Can we please talk about how does anyone in this company actually make decent money?! This was posted by an American Ruby Crown Princess for 30 days of invoices — only 30 days — $1,319 ($908 + the pending $411) for 30 days 'hustling' is a two-week paycheck for me, at my full-time real job. And, as usual, she's not including her expenses in this humble brag post:

Even a crown princess makes a crap income from selling their own stock. If you do the math, she's only clearing maybe $500 dollars, if that (as she still needs to pay for the wholesale products, and pay SeneGence's expensive shipping and handling, and probably postage costs for shipping to her customers).

Sure, they make more at the top, but even then I have noticed a lot more training lately, because sales have dropped.

I have been selling for under a year, and 90% of my customer base prefers using Square ... so I'm assuming that this Princess's Square statement also represents the bulk of her income.

How are these people making decent incomes, even with her downline commission?!

I won't even mention the $4K of credit card debt I am now in, thanks to SeneGence ...


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