Let's talk about SeneGence


This is an anonymous blog where some real SeneGence distributors will share their experiences and thoughts with you. These blog posts are the personal opinions and experiences of people who have been or are still distributors. Your experience of SeneGence may differ, you might be one of the lip bosses who actually got this business to work, and good luck to you.

We all got in this to make some extra money selling a product we love, or to gain the financial freedom that is dangled out there.

But is that really attainable?


Let's talk about that! No-one should get into financial ruin here, and we see so many on that road. We’d like to be a part of helping. We hope we can all figure this out together, and help each other make good business decisions.

We also have suggestions for SeneGence on how to improve their operations, based on our experiences. We would like anyone thinking of signing up as a distributor to know the full story of what’s going on with the company. By all means sign up, but be informed of the issues as well.

We want to help you make good decisions!

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