Dear Joni

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Dear Joni,

We are writing you in the hopes that you will take some time to understand what we are saying, and where we are coming from. We love and believe in your products. We are distributors because of that love and belief.

It saddens us to see the rapidly growing negativity all over the internet regarding the company. There are literally hundreds of groups on Facebook where distributors are going out of business and/or selling stock at crazy low prices. They are terrified, because during the OOS months, they hoarded colors and products because they didn’t know when those products would become available again. Now, everyone is panicking and trying to get out of the debt that this has caused.

The products simply cannot sell fast enough. We are each, only one person. We cannot spend 23 hours a day promoting, selling, packaging, marketing, shipping, invoicing, taking orders, and so on, to try to earn a profit. We have families and children, careers and lives. We signed on because we believed we could have fun, sell a product we loved, and earn some extra income on the side.

We have all been distributors for several months, if not longer, and even with steady sales that have kept many of us busier than both our day jobs and our families do, we can say that most of us still have not made any profit. Most of us are in debt, some of it running into thousands of dollars.

There are a few reasons why it’s not profitable to sell your product, and we believe that with a few changes, it could be the amazing and life-changing company you claim it to be. Not just for a select few Crown Princesses, but for all of us.

The key to a company’s success is to hold on to integrity, and not get swallowed up in the greed. We see the women pushing their downlines to order 300pv and “front load”, so they can earn their commissions. That is pure greed. Many of us have downlines, but we refuse to climb to the top on their backs. There has to be a better, more humane way.

If things continue with no changes, SeneGence will end up like LuLaRoe. A passing fad that is in its death throes now, with their $25 leggings going for $5 all over the internet. We don’t want to see this happen to SeneGence, and if you think it can’t happen, you’re wrong. As fast as it exploded is how fast it can implode. Life on the web moves fast.

Here are a few ideas we have collectively put together, with the hopes of saving the company, and our business investment in it.

  1. Lower shipping costs or provide free shipping for orders of 300PV and higher.

  2. 50% discount for distributors who purchase 300pv. 750 pv is really high and it's partly to blame for causing the OOS issues and the overstock issue that current distributors have. This is causing tons of going out of business sales all over the internet, where the product is being sold to customers for up to 50% off. We've seen LipSense as low as $11!

  3. Low cost personal website — we need modern, well-designed and user friendly sites, where our customers can place their own orders, and we receive commission on the orders.

  4. $40K a month is just greed. At 150 Crown Princesses, if they each earn $40K a month, that is costing the company $72 million a year. That is insane. How about capping that monthly commission income for the Princesses, and using some of that to make real changes to help the majority of your distributors, who are the majority of your workers, and making pennies.

  5. Training — ones we don't have to pay $2,500 for. $500 for a weekly call? Why?

  6. Branding. Please do something current and attractive ASAP. To be selling your products for the amount they’re priced at, they need to look like luxury items. They don’t at the moment, because of the amateurish logo, packaging and marketing materials.

  7. End the monthly PV for commission earnings, stop “pay to play” (which is sailing very close to the wind with illegal pyramid scheme definitions) and give us credit where credit is due, we shouldn't have to purchase to earn commissions!

  8. Bring back incentives for new distributors to sign up. Right now, there is ZERO reason for anyone new to sign up.

  9. Release the new colors and products at the same time, so everyone has equal chance to get it if they need it.

  10. STOP NEW DISTRIBUTOR SIGN UPS when there is no inventory to sell them!

  11. Retroactive “Fast track” for those who were ineligible when they signed up.

  12. Employ a UX / information design specialist to redesign Back Office so we can find things, and documents are arranged in a logical, systematic way.

  13. Cap the “hoarding” of stock during times of OOS, putting limits on how many of each item a distributor can order at any one time. This is the reason for the going out of business sales all over the place. All that does is hurt those of us who are trying to sell the product at full retail.

  14. Don’t use Crown Princesses and Queens as your communication channels. It becomes one big game of Chinese Whispers, with rumors running rife. One way of making sure distributors get clear information directly from you is to send out emails of updates and action plans.

We truly appreciate you taking the time to read this, and hope that you and your team will sit down and carefully consider the points we have made.

Sincerely, Your Distributors

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