Luxurious packaging design and branding are important to cosmetic brands. It helps their products look desirable and valuable, worthy of their prices. It also helps to people who sell it, whether in shops or by direct marketing, to feel proud of the product they're representing.

All of SeneGence’s branding and graphics are outdated, amateurish, and widely disliked. The logo is laughable. A freshman graphic design student could do better, like, much better. Even our customers don't like the branding. Customers like to show off the products they use, and the current branding means often they don't want to. Especially the skin care range. It looks like it's from the bargain basement.

It is hard to feel proud of the products we're promoting. We feel embarrassed by the logo, graphics, and packaging. We love LipSense despite the packaging. It would be nice to be able to feel proud for a change.

Even a professional packaging designer has an opinion on this too:

“I do packaging design and if I had to hazard a guess as to why LipSense wouldn’t make it in the main market, it would be that they lack quality design and branding. Cosmetics is an insanely competitive market and LipSense packaging and branding are ugly and old-fashioned looking. Getting new branding, marketing, and advertising is very expensive, so that could be one reason the company’s sticking with the MLM model.” — (in the comments section)

Some of us remove the labels from our LipSense testers, because they look so much better with nothing on them at all. The colors can be viewed much more easily, and we can see how much is left in the tubes. All our customers are interested in is the color and the color name.

We also want recyclable packaging. We don't know if any of the empty packages can be recycled, and have not received answers to our questions to you about this. This is an important issue to us and our customers.


Here are a collection of lipsticks and lip glosses from all kinds of companies. From the cheapest to the most expensive, they all look better than LipSense. Everyone else has understood the importance of attractive and modern packaging design.

Hard CandyColour PopMaryKayAnastasiaAvon MarkLOrealEstee LauderMACW7MaybellineDose of Colorsarbonne1elfLimelightNuSkin

Surely y'all can do better, SeneGence? You might not think this is an urgent issue BUT IT IS. Can you at least keep up with with everyone else is doing? Look over the articles on the Beauty Packaging website to get some more understanding of this long-neglected part of your business. Get professionals in. It's not a job you can do yourselves.

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