A must read for uplines

This is how they manage new distributors in SeneGence.

TIPS for your newly sponsored. UPLINES: This is a must read for you;

Step one: After you sign them up book the launch within 7-10 days of sign up Book a demo and hostess coach. Work together with your host on who they are inviting. You can zoom into her launch if not local or do an FB party. It’s our job as their upline to help them hold a successful launch. It is part of her training.

Step two Choose a PV [Points Value] pack. ‘Let’s decide which pack will be best for your career path’ Decide what PV pack is the best for their career path and run them through the three differing options. Start with the biggest pack first. You don’t want them to regret missing out on the biggest one first. Majority always say they wish they got the bigger one if they ordered a smaller one. Remind them of the Fast Start products within the pack.

Step three: Who do you know? ‘As a new distributor let’s think about three people you know that can join your team, I want to see you making commission as well as sale profits’ get her thinking Maiden 🎉 lead her to that Crown by helping her follow the right steps to get there. Don’t live to get. Live to GIVE. Give the SeneGence opportunity to everyone. Happy sponsoring everyone. Dreams don’t work unless you do. You must get hold of them... you must be the leader of your dreams. 💋

Crownless comment: Huge response from their group, given they have over 2,000 members ... 8 likes and 1 comment?! Killin' it, hun.